Carpet and upholstery cleaner used with the spray extraction method. Incorporates the new “ONT” air neutralising technology for effective malodour neutralisation and long lasting, fresh fragrance.

Code: 70023645
Weight: 5 L / 5,20 kg
Pieces / Box: 2
• Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
• Relative density (20°C): 1.00
• pH value neat: 6.8 – 7.3

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

70023645 Taski Tapi Extract C1b Carpet Extraction Cleaner Taski Tapi Extract C1b Carpet Extraction Cleaner

Key properties
• Special combination of wetting and emulsifying active ingredients
• pH neutral, endorsed by the Woolsafe Institute
• Incorporates “ONT” air neutralising technology
• Efficiently deactivates house dust mite allergens

• Excellent cleaning performances
• Safe to use on any carpet types including wool
• Neutralises malodour molecules and therefore enhances the perfume effect
• Tested by independent laboratories for allergens reduction

Use Instructions
Pre spray: 0.5-1l for 10l solution (5-10%)
Direct method: Use 0.2l for 10l solution (2%)

Spray extraction method:
Vacuum carpet and remove spots. Dose the product into a spray device filled with water, spray the solution onto the carpet treating maximum 40-50m2 at a time. Allow to act approximately 10 minutes ( do not allow the sprayed area to dry). Spray extract the carpet with clean water using an appropriate machine. Use a defoamer if necessary. Lift the carpet piles with a carpet brush while still damp to accelerate drying. Direct method: Vacuum carpet and remove spots. Dose product into water tank of the machine and spray extract the carpet. Lift the carpet piles with a carpet brush while still damp. Spot/stain rinse method: Vacuum carpet. Pre wet the area surrounding the spot/stain with fresh water. Apply the product onto the water soluble spot/stain and allow to act briefly. Rinse with fresh water and immediately wet vacuum.

Test colour fastness and material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before use. Do not refurnish until the carpet in completely dry. Protect the furniture feet with plastic or aluminium foil to prevent rust or varnish/finish damage. The spot/stain rinse method is only suitable for carpets which have been installed with water resistant carpet adhesive on a water resistant under floor.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Safe handling:
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.
Only for professional users / specialists.

Storage Information:
Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature.

Endorsed by the Woolsafe Institute.
Reduction in allergen levels from soiled carpets” – Established by the Medical Entomology Center, Cambridge UK.

Environmental Information
The surfactants used in this product are biodegradable in compliance with the requirements of EC Directives 73/404/EEC and 73/405/EEC and their subsequent amendments.


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