Alcohol resistant floor polish, based on a special polymer back bone with innovative wax technology. TASKI Jontec Resitol has superior resistance to alcohol and disinfectants versus conventional floor emulsions. This alcohol resistance combined with a light Eucalyptus fragrance makes it ideal to use in a healthcare environment where alcohol hand gels are commonly used. The protective film shows good resistance to wear and foot traffic.

Code: 7512357
Weight: 5 L / 5,2 kg
Pieces / Box: 2
Appearance: Milky, white liquid
pH value (neat): 8.2
pH value (in use): 8.2
Relative density (20°C): 1.03 g/cm³

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification

7512357 Taski Jontec Resitol F2j 5L 5 L Taski Jontec Resitol F2j Taski Jontec Resitol F2j 5L Taski Jontec Resitol F2j 5 L

Key properties
• Superior resistance to alcohol and disinfectant resistant versus conventional floor finishes
• Dries to give a hard durable polymer film
• Light Eucalyptus fragrance
• Good response to buffing

• Ideal for use in a healthcare environment
• Good resistance to wear, even under heavy traffic levels
• Light fragrance and reduced polymer odours is appreciated by staff and patients in adjoining areas.
• Responds well to all common maintenance methods (ideal when maintained with Jontec Tensol).

Use Instructions
1. Use appropriate TASKI Jontec Stripper to remove existing floor polish Ensure floors are clean and thoroughly dry.
2. Treat worn/ porous floors with a Diversey floor seal prior to application.
3. Apply using a mop or polish applicator in overlapping lanes of 1-1.5m. using a fig 8 motion.
4. Allow to dry completely (20-30 minutes) before applying additional coats.
5. Apply 2-3 coats.

Top stripping and recoating:
1. Use a Diversey floor top stripper to remove one coat of polish and pick up soiled solution with a scrubber drier or wet vacuum cleaner.
2. Allow to dry completely before applying additional coats.

Ready to use, no dilution required.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet; sds.diversey.com. Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature.
Only for professional users /  specialists. Do not store or use at temperatures below 5°C.

Product Compatibility
Do not mix with other products. Do not use outdoors or in areas liable to water contamination e.g. washrooms or kitchen areas.

Slip resistance 0.5 minimum (ASTMD D 2047).

Available Pack Sizes
TASKI Jontec Resitol is available in 2x5L.


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