Heavy duty stripper for effective removal of floor emulsions and maintenance films
from alkali resistant hard floors. Unlike conventional strippers, its revolutionary
formulation enables floors to be ready for re-coating without the need to rinse,
reducing normal stripping time by up to 50%.

Code: 70023918
Weight: 10 L / 10,39 kg
Pieces / Box: 1
Appearance: Clear, pale yellow liquid
pH value (neat): 13.2
pH value (in use): +/- 12
Relative density (20°C): 1.039 g/cm³

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

70023918 Taski Jontec NO1 F1C 10L 10 L Taski Jontec NO1 F1C Taski Jontec NO1 F1C 10 L Taski Jontec NO1 F1C 10L

Key properties
• Highly alkaline
• High wetting and emulsifying power
• Fast and easy emulsion removal without rinsing
• No scrubbing necessary at high concentration

• Quick and effective removal of floor emulsions from alkali resistant hard floors such as PVC, vinyl, stone, etc.
• Powerful dissolution of heaviest build up as well as tough soil removal
• Saves up to 50% time compared with conventional strippers
• At high concentrations, simply use mop and bucket, no machine required

Use Instructions
1. Dose the product into the full water tank/bucket.
2. Apply the solution and remove the soiled solution.
3. Do not allow to dry.
4. Allow the product to act for 5-10 minutes.
5. Scrub the floor using a single disc equipped with a suitable pad. (When used at high concentration, the product does not require scrubbing)
6. Wet vacuum the soiled solution.
7. Damp mop the floor to remove residues.
8. Allow the floor to dry completely before recoating. For hard to reach areas, use up to 25% concentration with mop and bucket, leave to act for 10 minutes and remove slurry with wet vacuum cleaner. No scrubbing needed.

TASKI Jontec No1 needs to be diluted.
Dosage bucket: 12,5% (1,25L / 10L bucket) max 25%.
Proper dosage and temperature save costs and minimize environmental impacts.
*This dosage is according to optimal conditions, recommendations may vary, please consult with your Diversey representative for directions.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet; sds.diversey.com. Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature.
Only for professional users / specialists.

Product Compatibility
Use only cold water. On porous and structured floors, rinse thoroughly. Do not use on alkali sensitive floorings, e.g. linoleum, cork and wood. Do not use on solvent sensitive floorings, e.g. asphalt. Immediately remove any solution splashes from alkali-sensitive surfaces (e.g. wooden
baseboards, painted/varnished surfaces) with a wet cloth. Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature. Test material compatibility on a small, inconspicuous place before use.

Environmental Information
The surfactants used in this product are biodegradable in compliance with the requirements of EC Directives 73/404/EEC and 73/405/EEC and their subsequent amendments.

Available Pack Sizes
TASKI Jontec No1 is available in 2x5L.


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