High-gloss, slip resistant floor emulsion for most types of smooth and water resistant, hard floors. Its technology provides superior traffic resistance against scuffs and dirt. It ensures reduced maintenance costs to improve productivity. It will be ideal in all prestige and heavy traffic areas where ordinary emulsions require a high level of maintenance. Suitable for application with traditional methods as well as with TASKI ProSpeed. TASKI ProSpeed is an easy to use, ergonomic floor finish applicator that will provide a superior quality of the floor finish layer and improve the productivity of applying the floor finish while reducing chemical consumption and packaging waste. Through TASKI ProSpeed, the product consumption can be controlled while providing a uniform top quality layer of floor finish.

Code: 7512694
Weight: 5 L / 5,2 kg
Pieces / Box: 2
Appearance: Milky, white liquid
pH value (neat): ≈ 8.5
pH value (in use): ≈ 8.5
Relative density (20°C): 1.036 g/cm³

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

7512694 Taski Jontec Eternum F2e 5L 5 L Taski Jontec Eternum F2e Taski Jontec Eternum F2e 5L Taski Jontec Eternum F2e 5 L

Key properties
• High-gloss, protective layer
• Hard, durable and wear resistant protection
• Excellent adhesion to most floor types
• Slip resistant according to international standards (ASTM D-2047)
• Easy to repair

• Enhances the natural appearance of the floor by providing a long lasting high gloss finish
• Superior resistance to scuff marks and dirt, even under heavy traffic
• Suitable for most types of floors such as vinyl, synthetic, linoleum, stone, sealed wood and cork floors. Spreads evenly for perfect levelling
• Guaranteed slip fall prevention and safety for your employees and customers
• Responds to most common maintenance methods
• Suitable for traditional applications with a flat mop, mop and bucket or standard polish applicators
• To ensure superior results, choose the application with the ProSpeed floor finish applicator tool which is proven to reduce the operator’s fatigue against traditional application methods while improving results and productivity

Use Instructions
1. Treat only stripped and thoroughly rinsed and completely dry floors. Treat porous and damaged floors with one of the Diversey’s floor sealers prior to application.
2. When used with the TASKI ProSpeed floor polish applicator, read the instruction manual and product label for set up and application procedures prior to application.
3. Sparingly pour the product onto the floor and evenly spread it while still wet in overlapping lanes of 1-1.5m. Allow to dry completely (20-30 minutes) before applying additional coats in similar manner. Apply two coats to nonporous, smooth floors. Three coats are usually sufficient for porous floors.
4. Linoleum: After the first coat has dried, smooth the linoleum floor with a single disc machine equipped with a blue pad, then damp mop and allow to dry completely before applying additional coats.
5. Top stripping and recoating: Use a Diversey floor top stripper to remove one coat of polish and pick up soiled solution with a scrubber drier or wet vacuum cleaner. Allow to dry completely and apply additional coat(s).

Ready to use, no dilution required.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet; sds.diversey.com. Store in original
closed containers away from extremes of temperature.
Only for professional users / specialists. Do not store or use at temperatures below 5°C.

Product Compatibility
Treat only deep cleaned, thoroughly rinsed and completely dry floors.
Do not dilute or mix with other substances. Do not use on structured plastic (cushioned vinyl) and unsealed wood or cork.
Seek advice for use on profiled/studded rubber floors. Do not use outdoors or in wet zones.

Tested according to ASTM D-2047 for slip resistance.

Available Pack Sizes
TASKI Jontec Eternum is available 2x5L and 4×2.5L ProSpeed pouches.


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