Superfoam is a general purpose, heavy duty alkaline foam cleaner designed for daily use in areas of heavy grease build-up in the kitchens and food industries.

Code: 70023199
Weight: 5 L (5,55 kg)
Pieces / Box: 2
Appearance: Clear, pale yellow liquid
Relative Density at 200C: 1.11
pH (1% solution at 200C): 12.5
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD): 280 g02/kg
Nitrogen Content (N): 1.6 g/kg
Phosphorous Content (P): < 1 g/kg

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as
a specification.

70023199 Suma Superfoam General Purpose Alkaline Foam Cleaner 5L 5 L Suma Superfoam General Purpose Alkaline Foam Cleaner 5L Suma Superfoam General Purpose Alkailine Foam Cleaner 5 L

Key properties
Superfoam is a medium alkalinity, caustic-based foam cleaner and also contains a blend of organic sequestrants and high foaming surfactants/wetting agents. It is suitable for application over a wide range of temperatures and water hardness conditions. Superfoam offers good detergency in areas of heavy soiling and will help remove and disperse most food soils including animal and vegetable fats, grease and protein. Regular use will also help prevent the build-up of scale deposits in hard water areas. The product is recommended for daily cleaning of floors, walls, cutting tables, trolleys, conveyors and other heavy equipment. Superfoam is suitable for use with a wide range of foam application equipment.

• Effective for removal of all types of food soiling
• Daily use helps prevent scale build-up
• Economical in use
Use instructions
Use Superfoam at concentrations between 3-10% v/v depending on the type
and degree of soiling. For specific details please refer to individual method

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Store in original closed containers or (where applicable) in an approved bulk tank, away from extremes of temperatures. Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

Product Compatibility
Superfoam when applied at the recommended concentration and temperature is suitable for use on the grades of stainless steel commonly found in the processed food industry. It is unsuitable for use on soft metals such as aluminium and galvanised materials. Always rinse surfaces thoroughly after use (within 1 hour). In the event of uncertainty it is advisable to evaluate individual materials before any prolonged use.

Test Method
Reagents: 0.1 N Hydrochloric or sulphuric acid
Procedure: Add 2-3 drops of indicator solution to 1 Oml of the test solution.
Titrate with the acid to a colourless end point.

Phenolphthalein indicator

% v/v Superfoam = titre (ml) x 0.49
% w/v Superfoam = titre (ml) x 0.54
% w/w Superfoam = titre (ml) x 0.54

Existing Package Sizes
Code/Package Size:

70009433 – 20L/22.2KG
70023199 –
2x5L/5,55 KG


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