Suma Grill Hi-temp D9.8 effectively removes heavy deposits of grease, fats and carbonized soil at high temperatures (from 100˚C). It cleans grills, ovens, mini clams, toasters, flat grills and panini grills without having to wait until the surfaces are cooled down.

Code: 7510971
Weight: 750 ML (0,84 kg)
Pieces / Box: 6
Appearance: clear dark blue liquid
pH neat: 11,3
Relative density (20˚C): 1,25

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

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Key Properties
• Specially formulated to provide best performance at close to an appliance’s normal operating temperature.
• Effective grease cutting at high temperatures; minimum recommended 100˚C.
• Highly concentrated.
• Viscous liquid.
• Biodegradable.

• Saves overall cleaning time due to ability to use at high temperatures; cooling down ofappliance is not needed.
• Very cost effective in use due to concentrated nature and ease of rinse.
• Kind to surfaces; it can be also used on aluminum surfaces.

Use Instructions
Instructions for the grills:
1. Switch off the grill. If venting system is present make sure it is switched on.
2.Put 60 – 100 ml into the dip tray. Apply evenly to the cooking surfaces whilst still hot with a no-scratch pad and holder. Minimum recommended temperature is 100˚C.
3.Allow it to stand for 5-10 min depending on soil level.
4.When all surfaces are clean, continually rinse with fresh hot water (never use cold water) until the grill plate has cooled sufficiently to remain wet.
5.Wipe all surfaces with a damp grill cloth and allow to air dry.
Never place the bottle or the dip tray onto a hot grill surface.

Instructions For The Toaster And Panini Grills:
1. Switch off the equipment and apply product to the cooking surface.
2. Follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer. Proper ventilation is recommended.

Safe Handling And Storage Information
Store in original, closed container and protect from extremes of temperatures.
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet.

Product Compatibility
Under recommended conditions of use, Suma Grill Hi-temp D9.8 will not give any material compatibility issues.


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