Diversey Oxivir Plus is a broad spectrum cleaner and disinfectant for noninvasive
medical devices and equipment.

Code: 70024267
Weight: 5 L/5,15kg
Pieces/Box: 2
Appearance: Clear yellow liquid
Relative density [20° C]: 1.029
pH-value in use: 1.8 +/- 0.5 at 3.5% dilution
pH-value neat: 0.5

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be
taken as a specification.

70024267 Oxivir Ce Plus 5L 5 L Oxivir Ce Plus 5L Oxivir Ce Plus 5 L

Key properties
• Patented Hydrogen Peroxide based acidic formulation
• Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal, Yeasticidal, and Sporicidal
• Short contact times
• Effective Cleaner
• Fragrance free

• Cleans and disinfects in one step, reducing working time
• Extensively tested against European norms and effective against multiple pathogens of concern, including HIV, HBV, HCV, Avian Influenza, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, MRSA, VRE and Norovirus
• Excellent cleaning performance, including descaling and lime limitation
• Good user safety profile, with no hazard warnings on RTU format; does not contain respiratory irritants
• Good environmental profile. Active breaks down into oxygen and water Not intended for use on invasive medical devices.

Use Instructions
3.5% to achieve disinfection claims made. (35mL for 1L solution)
One Step Application:
Spray cleaning and disinfection:
1. Remove any gross soil
2. Spray onto surfaces
3. Wipe with clean cloth
4. Spray again for desired application time and wipe to dry
Note: To disinfect for Norovirus, pre clean the surface prior to disinfection. Allow surface to remain wet for two minutes.
Do not use warm water. Do not mix with other products. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to water or acid.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety
Data Sheet. Store in original container. Avoid extremes of temperature. Reacts with oxydisable
Product Compatibility
Under recommended conditions of use, Diversey Oxivir Plus is suitable for use on most materials
commonly encountered.
Environmental Information
The surfactants used in this product are ultimately biodegradable in compliance with the
requirement of the EU Detergent Regulation, EC 648/2004.
Microbiological data:
Efficacy proven by compliance with: EN1276, EN1650, EN14776 and EN14348.

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