7511158, ORION SOFT CARE SILK H200 20L


Orion Soft Care Silk H200 Extra Mild Hand Cleanser with pink nacre perfumed, suitable for use in areas requiring frequent hand washing and for sensitive skin.
  • Perfect cleaning performance
  • Mild, gentle and free rinsing
  • Suitable for frequent hand washing
  • A refreshing fragrance with pink nacre formula

Code: 7511158
Weight: 20 L / 20,4 kg
Pieces / Box: 1
Appearance: Pink pearlescent viscous liquid
Relative Density [20°C]: 1.02
Viscosity [m.Pas; 30°C]: 1050
pH [neat] : 5.25
The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a sepcification.

7511158 Orion Soft Care Silk H200 20 L 20L 50ml 50 ml Orion Soft Care Silk H200 20 L Orion Soft Care Silk H200 20L

Soft Care Silk is a mild general handwashing product. The product is especially suitable for use at areas where frequent handwashing is required.

Key properties
• Soft Care Silk is based on a synthetic surfactant system and skin care ingredients. The effective surfactant system ensures excellent removal of (greast) soil, emulsification of the removed soil and stabilization of the emulsion. The product contains moisturizers which have skin care effects and is fragranced with a mildly scented perfume.
• Soft Care Silk has been formulated in accordance with the European Cosmetics Directive and as such is safe when applied according the directions for use.

• Excellent cleaning performance
• Suitable for frequent handwashing
• Mildness tested

Use instructions
Apply one or two dosages of product on hands. Wash hands with lukewarm water. Rinse and dry hands thoroughly. Dry hands are important with respect to good hygiene.

Safe handling and storage information
Store product away from extremes of temperature (temperature >-5°C and <40°C). Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is porvided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.


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