Non-aerosol spray for eliminating odour in fabrics and furnishings.

Code: 7511832
Weight: 0,75 L/0,75 kg
Pieces/Box: 6
Appearance: clear, colourless liquid
Odour: Floral and fresh fragance
pH value (neat): 10,4
pH value (in use): 10,4
Relative density (20°C): 1.001g/cm3

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

7511832 Good Sense Fresh Laundry Perfume 750 ml 750ml Good Sense Fresh Laundry Perfume 750 ml/font> Good Sense Fresh Laundry Perfume 750ml

Key Properties
• Unique, patented technology alters malodour molecules
• Fast acting and long lasting freshness
• Effective against a wide variety of odours (tobacco, food, urine etc.) • Safe on colourfast, washable fabrics/furnishings

• Effectively eliminates rather than masks odours
• Quickly leaves rooms and furnishings smelling fresh and clean • Can be applied as part of normal cleaning routine
• Suitable for use in all areas and on most fabrics/furnishings
• Tested by independent laboratories for AirPlane cleaning

Use Instructions
Good Sense Fresh is ready to use; use undiluted.Proper dosage saves costs and minimizes environmental impact.

Spray application: ready to use (100%)

Spray fabric or surface evenly until damp. Odours are eliminated as fabric dries. Difficult odours may require a second treatment. Amount of product dispensed will affect drying time. Allow treated fabric to dry before use.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet; Store in original closed containers away from extremes of temperature.
Only for professional users / specialists.

Product Compatibility
Do not use on silk, leather, non-colourfast or non-washable fabrics. Test colourfastness and material compatibility in a small inconspicuous place before use. Remove spillage or build up from hard floors, as surface may become slippery.

GoodSense Fresh is suitable for AirCraft cleanings; tested and approved by the SMI Inc. Miami-Florida- USA with the N° 1711-323 according the AMS 1550B, Cleaner, Water Base, Aircraft Interior, Hard Surface materials.

Available Pack Sizes
Good Sense Fresh is available in 6x750ML spray bottle.


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