Organic granule chlorine (%56) based fast dissolving pool disinfectant.

Code: 70024060
Weight: 5 L / 4,95 kg
Pieces / Box: 2
Appearance: Granule, chlorine smell, white solid material
Density: 0,8-0,9g/cm3
pH (%1): 6,0-7,0

These figures are typical values and should not be interpreted as specifications

70024060 Divergard Dichlor Pool Water Disinfectant Divergard Dichlor Pool Water Disinfectant

• Sodium dichlor iso cyanide dihdyrate, 56 % active chlorine.
• Effective pool water disinfectant, prevents bacteria formation.
• Acts as an oxidizing agent, eliminates existing algae
Product Advantage:
• Does not contain lime thus will not cause turbidity and filter blockage.
• Stabilized so as not to be effected by UV radiation.
• Does not increase pH level; does not require frequent pH regulation.
• Dissolves very quickly, ideal for shock chlorine treatment.

How to Use
Suggested dosage:
The initial opening dosage or if there are algae formations in the pool:
Shock dosage: 500 g for 100 rn3 pool water
Regular dosage: 200 g/day for 100 m3 pool water
Depending on climate and environmental conditions (sun, after rain, etc.) the dosage may
• Can be dosed automatically or manually.
• Added to pool water by sprinkling evenly around the pool.
• The free chlorine level of the pool should be between 1-3 ppm..
• Chlorine level should measured at least two times a day; and regulated accordingly.

Safety and Storage Info
Harmful if swallowed.
Contact with acids liberates toxic gas.
Irritating to eyes and skin.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep container dry.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical
Wear suitable gloves.
In case of fire and/or explosion do not breathe gas.
Do not displace contents, always store product in its original packaging.
Do not store under direct sun light and at temperatures below OOC and above 350C.

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