Protects non-volatile steam condensate lines which do not contain amines found especially in steam and condensate lines at food plants

Code: 70022976
Weight: 20 L / 25 kg
Pieces / Box: 1

70022976 Divergard 1350K Corrosion Inhibitor Divergard 1350K Corrosion Inhibitor

Key Properties
• Is a KOSHER certified corrosion inhibitor, used against acid corrosion in steam and condensate lines.
• Eliminates iron accumulations by preventing irons in steam boiler pipes due to condensate line found in feed water. In addition, reduces maintenance and repair costs of condensate system and extends its life by preventing corrosion.
• Applicable in all food processes; approved for all KOSHER requirements that are essenial in direct vapor — product contact.
• Vapor pressure can be used up to 20 bars and 2520C.

Use Instructions
• DiverGard 1350K is applied to the steam header with special equipment. It should be applied to steam header continuously and in pure form. without beinq diluted by means Of a stainless steel injector with a check valve. product cannot be inserted to additional water, feed water and boiler water.
• Dosing tank, dosing pump and chemical lines deployed in the application of product should be made Of stainless steel, PE, PP, -renon, Viton, pvc, EPDM, HYPALON, neoprene and PVDF materials. alloys, aluminum, nickel, lead, zinc, rubber and carbon steel should not be used.
• Dosage IS proportionate with C02 amount in system. DiverGard 1350K can be dozed at variable rates. C02 and 02 amounts are determined as 15 — 35 ppm depending on the condensate quantity formed by the system.
• Please contact DiverGard water consultant for application and proper dosage.

Safe Handling and Storage Information
As with all chemicals, it is recommended to use protective gear such as goggles and rubber gloves while handling, Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet as an official source of Environment and Safety information. May irritate skin and eyes. Recommended shelf life is at least 12 months as from the shipment date provided the product is stored in original closed containers and in normal storage conditions, Please protect the product from extremes of temperatures since it will solidify in different storing conditions.
Offered in 25 kg bins.

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