Clax Hypo is a sodium hypo-chloride based bleach suitable for use in all types of industrial laundry machines. Clax Hypo effectively removes staining on white linen. Effective in all water conditions, longer shelf life and stability.

Code: 7509570
Weight: 5 L (5,43 kg)
Pieces / Box: 2
Appearance: Clear; yellow liquid
pH (1% Solution): 11.8
Relative Density (20C): 1.175
Available Chlorine (%): 8.34

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

7509570 Clax Hypo Chlorine Bleach Disinfectant Clax Hypo Chlorine Bleach Disinfectant 5L Clax Hypo Chlorine Bleach Disinfectant 5 L


Clax Hypo is a laundry destainer specially formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on premies laundries. The product should be applied in the rinse at temperatures between 20 and 40C and can be used for all types of white fabrics and a limited number of colourfast articles.

Key properties

Clax Hypo is an effective low temperature bleach system based on hypochlorite alkali and bleach stabilising agents. It is a very thin liquid, which makes it easily pumpable, ensuring optimal delivery in the wash solution. This product can be applied on all types of white fabrics and articles with chlorine compatible dyes such as hospital theatre linen. In order to obtain good bleach performance and at the same time causing minimal fabric damage, the temperature of the washsolution should be kept below 30C

In addition Clax Hypo provides provides good hygiene, provided the temperature and pH conditions and contact time are right.

Please note that this type of bleach should not be applied to linen with chlorhexidine stains. It is advised to avoid contact of chlorine with enzyme containing products in the wash solution. Enzymes will be inactivated by chlorine. For further information on use please refer to “User Instructions”.


  • Excellent destainer for all types of White fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Results in minimal fabric damage when used according to user instructions
  • Enables bleaching at lower temperatures; saves energy
  • Provides good hygiene

Use Instructions

Dosing level is dependent on wash classification.

Dosage recommendation: 6-15ml/kg dry goods.

Please note the following:

  • To obtain good bleaching and to minimise fabric damage the temperature should preferably be kept at about 28C.
  • At this temperature the pH of the wash solution should be around 9.5.
  • Please note that at a pH below 9.5, chlorine becomes more “active” because of formation of higher relative concentration of hypochlorous acid; this is far more aggressive than hypochlorite and will cause excessive damage to fabric.
  • Therefore the proper pH control of the wash solution is essential.
  • At higher pH, chlorine becomes less “active” and consequently higher temperatures may be applied; at pH 10.5 bleaching should be done at 50-55C.
  • Hypochlorite reacts with chlorhexidine, resulting brown stains, which are hard to remove.
  • Please make sure that, after bleaching has been completed, all residual chlorine is neutralised in the last rinse (Clax Cid; see PIS); incomplete neutralisation will lead to yellowing and fabric damage during dying at elevated temperatures.
  • Do not use Clax Hypo for cleaning nylon (polyamide; eg HTN dustmats).

Safe Handling and Storage Information

Store in original closed containers or (where applicable) in an approved bulk tank, away from extremes of temperatures.

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.


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